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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2011 10:01am-10:31am EDT

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tragedy such a political tragedy for the polish people. that. they've been they've been given the truth and the truth is on bearable they can't take it now i don't think that the polish investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think they are looking to pin some of the blame on somebody else. well certainly most of the points voiced by the commission point at the flight crew at their inadequacy medical decisions at their low qualification while flying this plane but some of the things they talked about were directly pointed at to russia that the air traffic controllers were reportedly misleading the pilots and that the airfield in smolensk was reportedly not suitable for such landings and was very hard to land in in particular the one good example to that one of the experts
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mentioned a tree which was higher than the required standards which destroyed the left wing of the plane after which the plane collided and fell fell into the ground and was destroyed the other acts quickly refuted such claims. on. this point there is an obstacle a tree that the aircraft collides with the fragment of the left wing is detached the aircraft begins to reach a sion but let me emphasize it's not that the tree was too high the aircraft had simply been at a location where it shouldn't have been. some experts already say that this report represents something of an attempt to please everybody both in poland and in moscow so definitely this case has been very heavily politicized from the very first moment and indeed in some way it might put paid to speculation regarding russia's involvement in that regard which has been voiced in poland for many times for many months now but certainly we'll probably have some continuation of this story and in
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the latest news we've heard is that the country's defense minister has stepped down from his position after this report was published by the commission. say many thanks for updating us on that situation our teams in their life are also. where across developments bringing you more coverage an expert opinion on the results of the investigation we've also got the details of the plane crash including the first hand accounts of witnesses all available to you dot com. now one of the big credit rating agencies is warning that it's reviewing spain's status among the main reasons is that pressure is overt the bailouts for greece. has more from the trade. moody's has just announced that it wanted to downgrade spain is spain's rating spain's bonds have already fallen by several percent and
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the euro has fallen as well now this of course is happening to the fourth largest economy in the eurozone and you would think it should be better off but spain has been plagued by some very serious economic problems there's of course the the very large outstanding debts as well as the unemployment we're already used to hearing about this big c. country's. economic woes and that of course is portugal ireland greece and spain and now italy is also looking at some major issues as far as their economy is concerned by now also the the heavy drivers of the european economy the for france and germany are also finding themselves in sort of hot water because just recently in the i.m.f. has said that france has somewhat been too optimistic about the valuation of its prognosis and actually may not be as well off as the french authorities have hoped . have hoped the country to be the problem is these are things that have just
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happened suddenly i mean the french budget deficit has been in a deficit the french budget since nine hundred seventy four this is typical of contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we have you know when you get some degree of goes through the boulder ultimately you have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is. greece from the euro zone so that leaves germany and germany is already bearing the brunt of basically pulling the entire european economic structure out of the sinking hole that is that it's finding itself in recently this is coming right when the voices of the discontent among the eurozone critics among the euro skeptics are growing louder and louder in fact very saying that the euro. zone critics are saying that while initially the eurozone was great it. the hope of pulling up the weaker economy is quite the opposite is happening that we care economies are going down and they're dragging down the stronger economies with them
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so this latest up work outs for moody's is actually very bad news for the eurozone and for the euro as well. another bailout burden affects not only the richest but also the poorest members of the eurozone so back here is economy has never been too strong but it being crushed under the weight of the current crisis r.t. sarah firth reports on whether it's your membership is failing to live up to its promises. they say that charity starts at home also a vacuum may be one of the poorest countries but with pressure from the e.u. to participate in the second bailout their money could soon be going to greece eight of them will tell you joining the euro zone brought responsibilities but not benefits in fact slovakian pensions a significantly lower than days in greece people here at this hey michel to tell us they barely cover their food costs with the money they receive we have to now. deal
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with homelessness we have to reform our pension system our health care system this never enough money. back in two thousand and nine when slovakia joined the year easily it was such high hopes it was also kind of prestige to be the first one among hungary and probably polish polish people for the one from central europe to be you know in the zero club that the year using it seems isn't all it was cracked up to be as we join the euro zone there was. saying that that's of one country liability just this one country in may two thousand and the rules changed dramatically days left as of the year a gang may well now be breathing a sigh of relief if it may bring. here is saying countries have felt the benefits slaves actual peers have been heading to their check out in a bid to escape the year and we come just across the border from the backyard to
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the czech republic where these super store outlets doing a been in business more and more people make the regular journey to do their shopping because the prices here is simply much cheaper with people now shopping outside the country the evacuees retail revenues have fallen dramatically in the high prices mean the tourism industries have been hit hard certainly not the results hopeful when they first joined but every club has its leaders and what they say apparently gays even if they're the ones who got you into trouble in the first place you see be created this is the reason that all of the countries in europe on our. home with. the greek bonds are as good as german bonds so. made possible for greet. the world so much money back in may be contributing this time it's left many of those at first so eager to join the euro gang feeling
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they're now simply being pushed around serfs that feeds back in. when in the us the clock takes a towards teasing but squabbling will make it still can't agree on how to stop america's massive debt from falling off a cliff and into the fold without getting china angry america's biggest lender washington's being dangerously irresponsible investment analyst peter schiff says we could see china double but dollar as its main reserve currency. we can't afford bad relations with china beijing holds the cards you know we're dancing to the tune that they play the real problem for china is that there's no way that america can pay back the money that the chinese have already loaned us politically it's just not going to happen is specially when interest rates rise i'm surprised it's taken the chinese so long to figure out that they've been throwing a lot of good money after bad i don't think we're going to default i think we're going to inflate which is just as bad but you know we're going to raise the debt ceiling at the problem is the debt not the ceiling this sooner the chinese start
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stop enabling on this phony economy that we have the sooner we as americans can begin to repair the damage and what's going to happen is where the dollar collapses americans are going to see a big reduction in our standards of living. but you never know what you think will happen with wanting to hear from you on dot com at the moment and right now i can tell you what most people are thinking what else i have a hall so if you i convince of there's no choice america has to agree on raising the debt ceiling while thirty six percent. with a salad believe this sicko procrastination will send everyone else has a calling me into freefall and nine percent say times are running out the fault is on america's doorstep tell us how you think it will power is headed home for our news analysis and to cost you a vote of course. now the crowds of back in cairo's tahrir square five
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months after the ousting of president mubarak thousands of people out there want is one of the largest segments ration since the pre-op rising kyrie base genest a bloc often michael says a religious rest develops. there was approaches planned for today was originally billed as the day of units yet it was a sign that liberal islam us forces were going to come together to continue their push forward for the basic democratic rights but down in the square i was just down a bit before i came here. is a huge number are all muslim brotherhood members big these deadly demos just led me to where has been there's been a bit of a split the unity hasn't really held. and has a similar arrest in neighboring israel public square now a sea of demonstrate his camping out calling for social justice out for prime minister netanyahu to go and make a protest planned saturday a palestinian israeli journalist as abousamra says the similarities with egypt
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clear. two thirds of the poor in israel are working poor people who are working every day people who have a great jobs and still are not able to go above the poverty level so that's the reason that people are coming out of the street if you look at how the protesters started it's almost identical to how it started in egypt and internees and other places started through facebook somebody who made a post on facebook through social media that's how people organize or was organized completely in the beginning by the young people in israel students people who feel that they have no future people who feel who can't afford living here in the ten years realizing that this is not the way to go forward and he's trying to figure out ways to deal with it because the government could definitely fall in israel and these are ground and i think he is in danger especially that the process and the growing while israel has been under a building in tel aviv in haifa in all these major cities in israel is all have been overbuilding in the west bank focus of the israeli government at the moment is
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more sustaining the occupation more sustaining the settlement rather than caring for the majority of the population who actually opposed to the lands and opposed to patients and israel proper so that the problem here though is a still many israelis have not been able to make that connection and the more and the sooner israelis make that connection realize that the accusation affects their daily life affects the pennies that the government spending the money the government spending in the west bank verses in israel i think you will see a real revolution in israel. for coverage of our top stories available dot com and here's what else is online right now and seem to. light in ukraine to the seventy nine miners to an almost underground we report on that online plus. it's like when you come home and discover somebody else's bodyguard sitting in the bedroom he's been sent to provide security he's going to like that target name was
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his name so that the. tells r.t. it is concerns over the american missile defense program in europe it is clues that in to be is in full out also dot com. libyan rebels have declared three days of mourning after their military commander and two of his aides were killed eunice was gunned down hours after rebel forces reportedly arrested him lay for his family's suspected ties to kind of conduct these regime it is that in libya's foreign minister before he defected to the rebels at the beginning of the revolution the national transitional council blames the killing on gadhafi supporters and claims to have arrested the head of the group responsible for the consequences of the murder it will depend on how deep the
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command is alleged connections really ran last according to one of his father's advisor to americans and terrorism caucus. the consequences of his killing could be either short ramification or vast ramifications if indeed he was only an individual or even a high ranking official who had still relationships with the gadhafi regime then his killing will be it will be the end of the four by if it's the other case is he and others inside the council the interim council of the big guys the power have been in opposition to another force a militia force it could be other little two opponents it could be the militia of the jihadist or another tribe if the case is deeper than the concern is more serious in the west that there could be more clashes in the future or more tensions within the military camp at
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a time where the rebel seems to be on the offensive so we're going to wait and see the results of the investigations most likely the nato command would want to be part of these investigations. ok some world news in brief this hour a few now when. these are the crowds and sift through tributes in also this friday marking exactly a week since the massacre on a toy island of the bombing in the region a memorial service was held to remember the seventy six died today atrocities the man has confessed to both the massacre and bombing is being questioned for a second time by police investigators think under his breath. saying there's no evidence he's part of the muslim militant network. functions have erupted in tina as police try to protect hundreds of school cultural lands three people have been killed and dozens injured in the violence it's all the scores of
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homeless and unemployed people were organized by a group that represents. us. ok all the case in the state for twenty minutes time and tiger wood is back for a major win two years since his last trace the best so let's get all the latest business news with katrina before that after a short break. for the feel we've gone to. the biggest issues get a voice face to face with the news makers. welcome
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to our business report the south thanks for joining me in four days the u.s. government will run out of money the democrats and republicans are still arguing over how to cut the deficit and stalling on raising the debt ceiling the market still believe washington will act in time to avert disaster but the nerves are beginning to set in. but i think we're now getting to the stage where people are really going to be concerned that a deal may not be done a lot of economists constructed just an analyst start to be quite vocal in their criticism of washington saying come on guys it's time to sort it out i think a lot of nervousness all waiting for the last minute deal i think markets will give the poor be until monday or tuesday but i just think it could. very quickly i think you could get a run in confidence very quickly. let's take a look at the markets now precious metals prices a mix this hour however they are still high as investors look for
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a safe haven due to the uncertainty over the u.s. debt resolution that republicans counseled to vote on the deficit reduction plan turning to oil now a new report from europe's biggest oil company world outsell a time of low cost oral and gases that and it's has finding resources will be more complex and require more money and investment but for today at least the market. down as the problems in the us chip away at investor confidence like swiss carney trading below ninety seven dollars per barrel our brand is that one hundred and seventeen dollars per barrel. now stocks in the u.s. open shop are low after the government said the economy grew less than the forecast in the second quarter economic growth in the first quarter of the year slowed to its weakest pace since the recession and the dow jones and now that are both down nearly point nine percent and it's not looking too good in europe where moody's rating agency has put spain on review for a possible downgrade disappointing u.s.
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growth data is also weighing on the markets banking stocks are leaving the fall with shares of tech sit down dex and lloyds both town over three percent meanwhile mobile operator vodafone rose two point seven percent after its u.s. joint venture horizon is that it will pay a dividend. and here in moscow the markets erased thurston's gains at both the odds has in my six losing. over one point two percent market players follow the global uncertainty over the u.s. debt resolution and looking at some individual moves on the my six all ages are among the main losers amid weak accrued after losing over four percent backing stocks are also under pressure with b.c.b. losing over two percent bucking the trend generating into it's gaining almost four percent michael stein from a pretty financial corp wraps up today's trade. my six is down about a percent today along with most european markets on the back of news that moody's
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may downgrade spain's credit rating and that overshadowed the better than expected to reach all sales data coming out of germany and some other positive economic data that came out of the euro zone investors of course remain edgy boat the u.s. debt ceiling impasse in the market overall are quite low with most stocks down today. russia's biggest lenders burbank is one step closer to acquiring forbes bank international supervisory board of the european company has approved the sale the banks reached agreement earlier this month but no details were provided analysts estimate the takeover at around seven hundred million dollars what's burbank planning to finalize it buying years and the acquisition is aimed at helping the russian company expand its activity in the east european market. and russian car giant after vos has turned a profit for its french shareholder
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a no for the first time the comic i managed to squeeze thirty seven million euros out of its affiliate in the first half of the year that compares with a fifty six million euros loss at the same time a year ago and the whole of the whole way no group reported a fifty six percent jump in first. and there's going to be petrol in the problems for all those a lot of us to run on energy minister said explains while the government is doing to avert a repetition of the gasoline prices this year. the growth of the for you for the year two there is no risk of a few me deficit in the country we're keeping the ninety percent product exports until we need to move we also setting up a reserve system of which will the reforming industry we plan to reserve about two million tons of fuel mostly going to diesel which will help to secure the smooth operation of transport and the market. that's all the business for now but you can
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always find most always on a website acted out comes last. six of. the berlin
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just spam to. subsist. on. her. plans to close a team was in the cool gum region the four men flock from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence six this time archie goes to the amore regex for the cold war still gets people high jokes her an ancient tribe fights to save its culture the for cranes are protected in the first atomic sun official nature reserve six of the alamo rejects bush
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a close up on the arctic. if you're followed up on live. back and part of. it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild west and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution. what company may follow. their weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad. would. but we're chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind now there's a two million dollar bill for his arrest. we're not superheroes you can be killed to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and.
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never go back to hunt anything else wealthy british style. if the market. is going to look find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds a report. coming into the future what makes a big splash in the world of hi-tech business what turns it vs science into products they don't understand oh he's he's got he followed russian evaders to broaden and their big breakthrough. spotlight on story on technology update here
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on. the future covered. twenty years ago in the largest country. to certain places of. what had been trying. to teach began the journey. where did it take the. emission free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range memes free. three stooges free. download free blow against cloning video for your media projects free media gone to r t v dot com. in india oh geez available in the movie going to join the photo the i love you lots
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the gateway photo the grand imperial trying to tell us to push coromandel you can to let her tell the closeness to her toe see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was her child as a treat. a very warm welcome back she was hauled off our i'm off going to see it all seemed. they've been given the truth and the truth is there a problem code and we're not since he admits his responsibility for last year's plane crash in spain then came to the nation's president but the report released on friday still trying to shift some play to russia. saying that credit rating and faces off will downgrade the greek debt continues to children seen as an
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unstable makes a instability. many refuse. rival policies in the u.s. team seems to trash the names of the dead and dead long dead lion news meanwhile washington's a big china is rapidly losing its patience. and thousands. protest against poor living conditions some already. rising need to oust it. next. time in russia. oh.
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